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elpmakaar under● Colonel Glyn, and contained the 1st▓ and 2nd Battalions of the 24th, a batt●ery, and other levies; and the northe●rn, which was b

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ased on Utrecht in the

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Tr●ansvaal, under Colonel Evelyn● Wood, in which were a battery an▓d the 13th, 60th, and 90th Regiments.A f▓ourth column under Colonel Durnford w

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etween the first and secon●d columns. Opposed to them were supp●osed to be about 40,000 fighting men.Th●ey were organised in large masses, a●nd

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used skirmishers.Spea

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king ge▓nerally, their tactical method was▓ to form a complete ring, if p▓ossible, around the body attacked, ●and then close.On the 12th January 1

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879 the ●troops march

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ed, and on the 22nd Pearso●n had a smart brush with the enemy at Inyezan●e, but reached his first objective, E●tschowe, where a dept was to be f●o

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rmed, without further

国产 日产 欧美最新

opposit▓ion. The central column had been less● fortunate, for, crossing the river at Rorke 癔s Drift, where a detachment of t●he 24th361 were l

21 tormed.The the▓at
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